Thursday, October 25, 2012

Election Red White & Blues

I've got the election red white and blues. I'm so sick of hearing nothing but politics, and the constant bashing of both political parties is really starting to bring me down.

We're only 12 days from the election, and I couldn't imagine getting more tired of the political banter than I already am (but inevitably in the next week and a half that will happen!). I can't remember being this fed up last election, but I was also a freshman in college, didn't watch the news, and people around me cared more about parties than politics.

But this time, it's different. Whether it's discussions among people at work, news stories, or the constant smear commercials on what seems like every channel, it's virtually impossible to escape it all. And not only is it the bombardment of electoral materials that's getting on my nerves, but the sheer ignorance and rudeness coming from both parties. There are some nights I just have to avoid Facebook and Twitter entirely, simply because I can't stand to see the terrible things that people are actually saying.
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When you think about it, what has the election caused? A complete and utter rift in our country. Now to me, that doesn't seem very productive. And no matter what party you affiliate with, I think you can agree that all this fighting over who will be king of the mountain is really distracting us from the dire state our country is in. It's almost like distracting a child who falls and scrapes his knee. Yes, he stops crying for a few minutes and ignores the wound, but as soon as he loses amusement with the toy you gave him, or the show he was watching ends, that wound, and the pain that comes along with it, is still there.

I generally make it a point to avoid politics in general. Yes, I do my research on the candidates and the issues, and know which party I align with. And of course I vote! But I don't feel the need (as so many do) to go posting/proclaiming/insulting/badmouthing/persuading all over the place. To me, that's just not classy. I think you can be perfectly American and exercise your rights without being downright disrespectful. And I think that's what many people in this country (BOTH candidates included!) need to learn.

Red rover, red rover, can the election PLEASE be over? That was my two cents, and you may now return to your regularly scheduled political bashing.

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