About Amanda

The Story Behind the 20-Something

I'm Amanda, and I'm 22. I live in Richmond, VA and grew up not too far from here in Newport News. I went to Virginia Tech (go Hokies!) and graduated with a bachelor's in Communication (emphasis in PR). After graduation, I moved here to Richmond for a job as a project manager for a financial company.

Polka dots and sunshine.
Hanging out in NYC!
I'm currently working on my master's in public relations and marketing in addition to my full time job. I have a cat named Jennyanydots (if you like musicals you'll understand where her name came from) that I adopted from a shelter. In addition to work and classes, I try to volunteer at community events whenever possible to add to my event experience and help out!
My little ball of fluff, Jenny
Some of my favorite things (in no particular order) are: reading, giraffes, instagram, watching movies, bows, writing, discovering new places, Apple products, Kate Spade, the colors purple and turquoise, Pandora bracelets, window shopping (and actual shopping!), Twitter, the font Georgia, Lilly Pulitzer, anything relating to Disney, nail polish, decorating, pearls, and foxes.

At my favorite place in the world, WDW!
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